TDTU-Faculty of Pharmacy conducts AUN-QA Assessment on December 19-22, 2022

   Ton Duc Thang University implements training quality assurance activities according to the AUN-QA 4.0 quality assurance standards for training programs, including PHARMACY. Carry out self-assessment and assessment outside the program "Degree of Pharmacist" towards achieving educational quality certification according to regional standards. This event is one of the core activities to implement the Vision, Mission, and Quality Policy TDTU has set out.
   AUN-QA is AUN's specialized network for higher education quality assurance, established to promote quality assurance activities at higher education institutions and improve the quality of higher education. Study and cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations.

   In 2022,  meeting the academic quality with the vision and mission of TDTU, the Faculty of Pharmacy has actively registered and will be accredited by AUN-QA from December 19, 2022, to December 22, 2022. Preparing for the self-assessment process according to AUN-QA standards for the academic program, the Faculty of Pharmacy has established a SAR team, which carries out the relevant work, led by Dr. Vu Thien Y, who is in charge of managing the work. The SAR team conducts a self-assessment of educational activities under the direction of the Board of Directors of TDTU. It receives direct instructions from Dr. Nguyen Truong Huy, Head of the Faculty of Pharmacy. In addition, the SAR team also received advice, training, and support from the Department of Testing and Quality Assurance.
   Participating in AUN-QA testing will bring the following values:
• The first beneficiaries of this accreditation are students.
• Students will enjoy a quality training program continuously improves in all aspects, such as curriculum framework, subjects, faculty and teaching activities, and student support activities.
• Other stakeholders, such as lecturers and employers, all benefit. Specifically, employers can use high-quality Pharmacist human resources from TDTU.
• Lecturers are taught for good students, researched, and taught in an international environment, especially with more opportunities to exchange and learn with international partners and self-fulfillment. Improve themselves improve their professional, professional, and foreign language skills (English) to meet the program's requirements.
   The Faculty of Pharmacy would like to inform all the Teachers, Colleagues, Employers, Leaders of the University and units, Alumni and Students of the program "University Pharmacist" and other majors in the field of Pharmacy. And outside the University are entitled to receive information, support, share, and contribute to AUN-QA Accreditation activities to achieve the highest efficiency.


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