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Faculty of pharmacy

In a modern and developed society, health care and disease prevention always attract the attention of the society. In recent years, the pharmacy has continuously developed into a key science and economic field in Vietnam. This field is in great demand of qualified, virtue and talent human resources. Despite the great attention and investment from society, the number of pharmacist has not met the requirement of the society. With the reality of being shortage of the pharmaceutical human resources, the system of modern facilities and the capacity of lecturers, Ton Duc Thang University decided to establish the Faculty of Pharmacy on August 2015.

Ton Duc Thang’s program aims to equip pharmacists with good moral character, high sense of professional responsibility, excellent communication skills, solid clinical and pharmaceutical expertise, helping them to excel in all careers of pharmacy. With the aims to create a generation of pharmacist can integrate into international community, the Faculty of Pharmacy of Ton Duc Thang University has established the currciculum according the curriculum of the Top 100 universities of the world.

While studying at Ton Duc Thang University, students will acquire current and advance pharmaceutical knowledge. Besides, students will practice in modern laboratories, and gain practical experience through internships at health centers, hospitals, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical factories that meet GP standards (GMP,GLP,GSP,GDP,…). The program equips students with both pharmaceutical expertise and practical skills for their future careers.

The Faculty of Pharmacy periodically organizes meeting and seminars with the participation of professors and experts from leading research institutes, national and international universities. The purposes of these academic activities are to improve student’s knowledge and experience.

Besides, Faculty of Pharmacy of Ton Duc Thang University has continuously cooperation with the world’s leading university on academic and research. For the past 2 academic years, Faculty of Pharmacy of Ton Duc Thang University has signed a MOU with College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University and School of Pharmacy, Bandung Institue of Technology. Faculty of Pharmacy has also organized the Asia Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences with the participation of many world - known scientists, experts and researchers.


Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy, Ton Duc Thang University.

Pharmacy’s students practice in the laboratory.